Top Ten Truths About Being an Author

I am often asked what is like to write a novel. On this journey of the mind and soul, I have learned a variety of often painful and sometimes pleasant lessons. So I decided to share a few of my gems in case you are tempted to think about writing a book or if you […]

5 Rules of Being an Enduring Author

I have been writing professionally for several years now. I have seen writers come and go. I’ve seen fabulous talent fizzle under the pressure that comes with the business side of writing and it breaks my heart. So, in an effort to be honest to upcoming authors or those of you who dream of being […]

How Writing Saved my Marriage

A few years ago, I was a brand new mom hell bent on doing the best job I could to raise my children—which to me meant I would stay home and raise my children while my husband went to work. We never meant it as a statement on gender roles or my mental aptitude for […]

Failure or Success in the World of Paranormal Romance

Failure or Success in the World of Paranormal Romance

You open your email and you are met with the paranormal romance editor’s name.

Your heart races. Your hands are sweaty. You roll your eyes and cross your fingers. Then you click.

We’re sorry but…

And you stop reading. You have a decision—slam your computer shut and cuss, or cuss and go to Facebook/Twitter.*

*Warning: […]