Secrets of Savannah Sacrifice (Secret #2)

All right… It’s post #2 in the secrets blog series!!!

For those of you who haven’t followed: For the next four weeks, I will be giving readers a song and a secret about the book!

Savannah Sacrifice carries many, many secrets. Some of the secrets are fun, some are deliciously wicked, but guaranteed you will [...]

Secrets of Savannah Sacrifice (Secret #1)

I have had many readers email and message me about the newest release in the Nymph Series, Savannah Sacrifice, most have been wondering about the Latin inscriptions and the secrets that I weave into the story. As a special thanks to my readers and fans (and those who’ve reached out) I’m going to be doing [...]

News from Danica Winters: Savannah Sacrifice Available

Available Today!

Savannah Sacrifice is on sale today!

Answers that she must find… A truth that he can’t escape…And ghosts up to no good…

Being a demi-god has its privileges. For the young nymph, Starling Jackson, it means the gift of seduction and more than that—near immortality. Yet, when her life is [...]

It's New Release Time!

I’m proud to announce that my next novel in the Nymph Series, Winter Swans, has been released! I couldn’t be more excited. I know you are going to love this book!

I had so much fun writing this–including a trip to a casino and several nights spent playing poker (just so I could get into [...]