10 Secrets Readers Don't Know About Authors


We all have a favorite book, a book so well-loved that its yellowed pages curl your fingers like a baby’s hands when you turn its pages. A book that you are inspired to read after you see a funny movie or someone says a particular name. One of my favorite books, one [...]

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Living In Montana

I consider myself blessed to live in a place in which the pounding of horse hooves and the song of the blackbird are its heartbeat. At night the sky is filled with the brilliance of a million stars, the Milky Way, and on some occasions the Aurora Borealis. I live in a place where [...]

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How Writing Saved my Marriage

A few years ago, I was a brand new mom hell bent on doing the best job I could to raise my children—which to me meant I would stay home and raise my children while my husband went to work. We never meant it as a statement on gender roles or my mental aptitude for [...]

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Autumn in Montana

Montana Mountains

The greatest season is upon us in the land of ghostly hills and phantom sunshine. The scents of crumbling leaves and the sounds of footsteps upon the crisp early morning frost have invaded the world here in Montana.

For those of you who don’t know me well, I’m a cowgirl, a paranormal romance author, [...]

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“Casual Day at the Crazy House,” Where It Came From, and a Cool Giveaway by Helen W. Mallon

Casual Day at the Crazy House

A very warm Thank You to Danica Winters for hosting me today!

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my new short story!

In 2007, I decided to break from work on my novel and write a new short story. Problem was, I had no ideas…I tried doing writing exercises, but the [...]

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