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It’s official! The #TeamDanica Street Team is going strong!

5 Reasons to Join the Danica Winters Street Team:

5. You can be In the know and make a difference….

I like to reward those who enjoy my books 🙂 How? First and foremost, you will get the latest and greatest news first… (And there is big news coming!)

In addition to big news, there are often days when I need a helping hand naming characters, picking the best locations for a scene, or even coming up with titles or covers for upcoming releases.

You can be involved in the making of books!

4. You will Feel the Love

I truly appreciate the support I receive from fans. I started writing to bring joy to my readers. This Street Team was created as a way for me to personally connect with the most devoted Danica Winters fans!

3. You can Share the Love...

The larger the Street Team the more we can share! The more we share, the more special promotions we can offer (IE special events like book signings and”Meet the Author’ events)!

2. This is one of the best ways to Support An Author you Love

The more readers help authors, the more books I can put out! You may not know this, but a large part of promotion falls on the shoulders of authors… I am not just an author, I’m also a web designer, graphic designer, marketing analyst, publicist, teacher, and philanthropist. With the help my loyal readers I can devote more attention to the creation of future books…

Wouldn’t you love to read more books?

1. Win Awesome Stuff

Throughout the year I will reward #TeamDanica with special giveaways available only to those who are a part of the Street Team.

So what’s involved?

Basically, all I ask of #TeamDanica is that when large events happen (for example: new book releases) you will receive an email and I will ask that you share the news on your social media sites.

No biggie, right!?

Sign Me Up For the Best Street Team Ever!


Please feel free to Grab the badge for you Website/Blog (or to make a T-shirt)!!! 🙂