Living In Montana

I consider myself blessed to live in a place in which the pounding of horse hooves and the song of the blackbird are its heartbeat. At night the sky is filled with the brilliance of a million stars, the Milky Way, and on some occasions the Aurora Borealis. I live in a place where [...]

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Montana Mustangs--Now Available for Pre-Order! (Let's Party!)

Montana Mustangs The Nymph Series Book 2

Danica Winters

Available for PreOrder on Amazon!

Publisher: Crimson Romance

Length: 60k words

Publication Date: May 6, 2013

Available for Pre-order April 20, 2013

Heat Level: Sensual, m/f, HEA

I’m so pleased to announce that Montana Mustangs (the second book in the Nymph Series after [...]

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Writing Rules: Five Minutes Can Change Your Life

Five minutes can change a life. In five minutes, you can have a cup of coffee, open an email, or post on social media sites. I like to think of my life in five minute segments. I almost see it as a challenge. What can I do in five minutes that can change my life? [...]

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How Writing Saved my Marriage

A few years ago, I was a brand new mom hell bent on doing the best job I could to raise my children—which to me meant I would stay home and raise my children while my husband went to work. We never meant it as a statement on gender roles or my mental aptitude for [...]

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Resolutions and Self-Doubt

This is the Archeology site I worked at in British Columbia (this is however not my field crew but a subsequent year's).

Happy New Year! This is the week for resolutions and new beginnings. I have a series of resolutions (as I always do) I will write more, weigh less (writing is not easy on the waist line), and I will spend more quality time with the family. I am like every other woman—filled with [...]

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Merry Christmas (of Less)!!

Christmas time is coming like a child hopped up on candy canes. We have our Griswold family Christmas tree firmly planted in its plastic base and every type of ornament somewhat secured to its branches.

I would be lying if I told you this is my favorite time of year. The Christmas season comes in [...]

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What I'm Working On...


This week marks the near completion of summer. Schools are about to start, life is about to slow down and take a turn down the road of routine. I welcome the change with open arms. This summer has been filled with such incredible events; I’ve signed with an incredible literary agency, I’ve had my debut [...]

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The Key to Becoming a Great Romance Author is Having a Sense of Humor

The key to being a great Romance Author is all in the laugh...

“A sense of humor…is needed armor. Joy in one’s heart and some laughter on one’s lips is a sign that the person down deep has a pretty good grasp of life.” Hugh Sidey

One of my favorite and least favorite conversations is when I introduce myself to a new person. I wait for the [...]

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The Life of the Marmot

Hoary marmot

This week I had a furry visitor into my world. It’s been a fun, trying and often hilarious few days as I have had to confront my nemesis–the Hoary Marmot. I have to admit, I had to research the little creature that chose to reside in the dust covered under belly of my beat up [...]

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Happy Easter from Paranormal Romance Author Danica Winters

Happy Easter from Paranormal Romance Author Danica Winters

Happy Easter from Paranormal Romance Author Danica Winters

I have a love of learning odd facts. As such, I would love to wish you a Happy Easter by sharing the top ten odd facts (shared via Tip and Everything Easter) about this special holiday!

10. The most common thing to eat first [...]

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