Curse of the Wolf

Paranormal Romance by Danica Winters

Curse of the Wolf  (Veela Curse Series, #1)

When the veela, Gloriana, is struck with the curse of her kind that forbids her to love, she rejects the dark magic and tempts fate by taking a lover who is then viciously killed. On a mission for revenge, she unites with a tortured werewolf, Alex, to seek justice against the sadistic man that has wronged them and quickly finds that her most challenging battles will not be against her enemy but instead, her heart. For if she gives in and samples the forbidden love again, only one thing is certain–Alex will fall victim to the curse of her kind and all battles will be lost.


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4.0 out of 5 stars Curse of the Wolf,October 11, 2012
This review is from: Curse of the Wolf (Kindle Edition)

In some ways this book reminded me of Lord of the Rings and a small touch of Harry Potter (two of my all time favorites) due to some of the characters, context and situations, but much it is more adult in context and more shifter based. There were characters that varied from shifter to witch, Sorcerer to a god-like monster. It was very original, exciting and at some parts cringe worthy. Any paranormal, romance and fantasy lover will enjoy escaping with Curse of the Wolf :)
Gloriana is a cursed, what’s known as a shape-shifting Veela. Beautiful, irresistible, intriguing, vicious, smart, loyal and hell bent on revenge! She’s been around for many years and knows more than one would think. She protects what is hers with incredible ease. But her veracious need for revenge is partially clouding her mind and she takes a fall. She’s on the brink of death and is weary of her savior. Can she trust this werewolf, Alex, in any way shape or form? Or is he one of many enemies trying to steal something from her that needs nothing more but to be destroyed?
Alex has a curse of his own. He’s cursed as a werewolf (and what an alpha hot werewolf he is). He thinks of himself as a monster and does not trust even his own feelings. He also has enemies that he must protect himself against, scores to settle and people he must put in their place. While on his own personal mission he learns much about his prejudices of other races and how those prejudices were so very wrong. He saves someone that he was sent to destroy and to top it off; he falls in love at the first sight of her!
Gloriana and Alex share a common enemy. Even if it’s for different reasons, it boiled down to they want revenge and will accept nothing less but their enemy’s death. They are both VERY attracted to each other, but much holds them back. The pull between them is strong, very strong and undeniable. Could they possibly make it work or is it destined for them to go their separate ways and never know what could have been? (I’m not telling *wink*)

Turning the Pages Blog:

I think I may have just found a new favourite author, and at the very least I found a new line of books that I’ll be visiting for their titles from now on. I was so surprised by how much I ended up enjoying Curse of the Wolf because lately I just haven’t been able to get into the paranormal genre which is a shame since it’s one of my favourite genres to read.

However, since I read Gloriana and Alexander’s story I think that my dry spell in the genre is over. I really enjoyed the story that Danica Winters told and I think it’s because it was ultimately a love story where both characters had more than their fair share of flaws which made them much more likable to me. Nothing bugs me more than a perfect hero or heroine. I also love how this tale was one of love lost and redemption.

I also really like how the story itself flowed. It wasn’t stop and go like a lot of the paranormal romances I’ve attempted to read lately. The characters themselves though were the selling points of the novel for me. I really came to love Gloriana and Alexander because they were so different.

This is the first novel besides Harry Potter that has used a veela  as a character and that along with the fact that Gloriana was a shapeshifter as well I found to be really unique and because of that a welcome change for the genre.

The story was a bit steamy but not overly erotic at least to me it wasn’t so I think that it’s a great novel for those just trying out the paranormal romance genre as well as being great for those who are already die hard fans so I honestly would have no problem recommending this book to any one because I for one am going to be keeping my eye on and I can’t wait to read the second book in the series.  This is a book not to be missed so please go get yourself a copy, I don’t think you’ll regret it

Words of Wisdom from the Scarf Princess Blog:

The paranormal world just got a bit bigger with Danica Winters’ Curse of the Wolf and its intriguing heroes and villains.  With its likable lead characters radiating oodles of sexual tension and exciting action sequences that takes us from one exotic locale to the next, this story easily draws the reader in and keeps you on the edge of your seat until the very last page is turned.

Gloriana has the reputation of being a sexual siren, but after falling in love and losing that love to murder has her on the path of revenge.  With the curse she carries it also has her hesitant to give her heart away again knowing that her love brings a death sentence.  Gloriana is a kickass heroine full of bravado yet retaining the sexiness of her nymph nature.  Her unique abilities and her one weakness are intriguing and make for a dramatic overall mythology.  Her fight scenes are gritty and bloody but also smile inducing as she’s wearing some lovely outfits and heels while doing so.

Alex was forced into becoming a werewolf and considers himself a monster.  The crimes he’s committed in the past were forced upon him and he’s now desperate to make amends and keep Gloriana safe no matter what he has to do.  Alex is a hardened man when we first see him, having lost the woman he loved to murder, and also seeks revenge.  He’s oh so sexy and very protective of Gloriana, but there’s still secrets he keeps from her that rear their ugly head towards the end of the story.  Together they’re a formidable team and their sexual interludes are sexy and sweaty.

The rest of the “good guys” are an intriguing blend of witches, elves, and a few other lost souls picked up along the way.  Each character is memorable with backgrounds I’d love to learn more about and their unification makes for one heckuva family, which is what they felt like as they willingly sacrificed themselves for the others.  The villains were equally unique and their creepy and revolting traits will remain embedded in your memory long after the final page is turned.  They were worthy adversaries and added to the edge of your seat action.

From start to finish this book drew me in and kept me guessing as to who were truly the heroes and who were truly the villains as a few characters changed sides as circumstances changed.  With a main couple worth rooting for and a truly vile villain comes a story with all the ingredients for an enjoyable summertime read and has definitely given me an author to keep an eye on.

My rating for this is a B+!


A Case of Reading Insomnia Blog:  4.5 out of 5 stars!

An original paranormal romance novel, Curse of the Wolf is captivating in its plot, characters, and delivery, all adding up to an amazing story. The plot is intriguing because, rather than having the male lead suffer the guilt of loving the female, the female, Gloriana, is the one stuck in that position. I really liked this a lot as it added a certain freshness to the story that set it apart from most other novels.The characters as well were all great to learn about and get to know. Each character has a distinct personality, but yet is still real because they still have certain flaws. As for the delivery, I loved the tone and attitude of this novel and thought that it was perfectly suited to the given situation, which I usually have a hard time adjusting to. Overall, a great novel, I definitely look forward to reading more from this series.

 The Wormhole Blog: 

 Truly enjoyed this story.  I love the characters.  The story is entertaining and engaging.  The plot is clever and intriguing.  A well written tale of revenge, love and the desire to be more than what others see you as.     The author has created unique characters, wonderful characters that a reader can connect with on a personal level and fully invest in.  She has set them in a world unlike your average paranormal read.  She is imaginative and skilled enough to develop a story that grabs the reader’s heart and holds on to the very end.   Super read.  Looking forward to more!

Books, Book, and More Books Review:

A blending of Norse mythology and Werewolves creates the background for this story. Veela Gloriana is cursed to never have love.  Any man she loves is cursed to die a tragic and horrible death, so she has spent centuries avoiding love until she met Baldur and of course he dies tragically.  This book opens with her trying to avenge his death.

Werewolf Alex is hunting Gloriana for the ring of eternal life, but when he comes upon Gloriana in a pit of Gorgon blood poisoned spikes he throws away everything to save her.  Add a shape-shifting witch, a couple of elves-who looked down upon and despised in this society, some backstabbing, some revenge and you have this great novel.

 I give this novel 4.5 out of 5 clouds and a chili pepper rating of 4 (mild, but some sexual content)
B. Sharp:  Not your average love story!
 My Thoughts: Truly enjoyed this story. I love the characters. The story is entertaining and engaging. The plot is clever and intriguing. A well written tale of revenge, love and the desire to be more than what others see you as. The author has created unique characters, wonderful characters that a reader can connect with on a personal level and fully invest in. She has set them in a world unlike your average paranormal read. She is imaginative and skilled enough to develop a story that grabs the reader’s heart and holds on to the very end. Super read. Looking forward to more!
Brett Morris – An entirely new take on paranormal!
Curse of the Wolf has a heroine totally unique, a Villa. Yeah, research that one and find next to nothing. This book has such an original concept. The hero and heroine’s are not your overdone vampires, werewolves or shape-shifters. Throw in the fact that Gloriana, the Villa heroine, cannot love a mortal man without dooming him makes you almost weep for her loneliness and makes this so much more than just an interesting love story. Add a slew of off beat, atypical side characters enhancing the intrigue and danger and you have a story more than just genre romance. For those of you who love new concepts and out-there ideas in a paranormal romance, this is a book for you.
From the start I was taken with Ms. Winters vivid imagery and imaginative characters. Glorianna is a Veela, a demi-goddess whose kind are driven by their sexual desires with cursed results. Anyone who loves them dies. She’s also a shape-shifter who can take the form of a wolf. She risked suffering the curse by falling in love. During the course of their relationship, Baldur, her lover, gives her a powerful ring that makes the wearer immortal. Vulnerable without the ring, he’s murdereed. She blames her curse and is bent on avenging his death.
While searching for her lover’s murderer, she takes the form of a wolf and falls into a trap set by a werewolf sent to kill her. Alex, the werewolf can’t complete the act and saves her. He too carries the burden of guilt for causing his wife’s death. Together, he and Glorianna work to destroy the man responsible for the death of Baldur, Alex’s wife, and one of the villains planning to kill Glorianna.
There’s a host of interesting characters both good and bad. Curse of the Wolf is filled with twists and turns. On more than one occasion the reader wonders who can poor Glorianna trust? Ms. Winters background in archaeology adds even more color to an intriguing story. This is the second work I’ve read by her. The first was a short story, The Devil’s Angel, which I enjoyed as well. I look forward to more from this author.

A Unforgettable Story By Patrick

I absolutely loved this book. Revenge is always so much fun! I really enjoyed the heroine, Gloriana and Alex—he’s so hot! My favorite part definately had to be in Archimago’s gardens, I totally felt like I was in the garden, smelling the flowers and having butterflies land on me. So cool and original! Great Great Book!!

This book is great! Griping and tantalizing…. Full of suspense and a great finish. Can’t wait to see the next book in its series.
I’ve really enjoyed Danica’s short stories and was hoping she would come out with a full length Novel. This one is great! It’s very creative and the flow of the story makes if tough to put down. Can’t wait for the next one!
MY FAVORITE BOOK! By AvidReader “Cheree”
Danica Winters is an amazing writer. As soon as I started reading I couldn’t put this book down. She has an ability to bewitch me with her amazing characters and unexpected plot twists. And I have to admit, I have a bit of a crush on the hero, Alex!! Two thumbs way way up~!
Great Characters By Jennifer Chambers
Great supernatural, suspenseful romance. I liked the unusual twists on all the characters- besides the main characters, the Witch and the elf stand out for me. The setting was unique and the romance steamy.I also liked the fact that Gloriana and Alex grew through the story, which made them more believable. A good read!
This is a gem of a book. The writing is solid and the characters are like none you’ve never met in the paranormal world. If you’re ready to go beyond vampires and werewolves…this is the book for you! An engaging tale of revenge, yes, but also of growth for the heroine and hero as they must put aside their beliefs and prejudices to get to their hearts. Well-rounded secondary characters and place descriptions make the places and people come alive. I recommend this paranormal romance!