Short Story | A Christmas Miracle by Danica Winters


A short story by Danica Winters

A Christmas Miracle

Christie has defined herself by her wheelchair and has created a world filled with ‘I can’t’.

When she meets her marathon running, salsa dancing neighbor, Marcus, he tries to show her that there is more to life than self-imposed limits and other peoples’ judgments.

Will Christie open her heart and her mind  to her sexy neighbor, or will the pain of her past keep her a prisoner in her own life?


Beth’s Wild and Crazy Book Reviews:  This story is short but sweet. So beautiful, i love it when you find love in the most unexpected ways. Her mother is a trip, lol. I still can’t believe her mom has a hot boyfriend. What a Christmas Eve surprise. Santa could not bring her a gift that could even compare to the one she has received. Be warned this story involves a hot, buffy neighbor :D  Love it :D  He is so sweet *swoon*. I am not sure if you made more for these two characters, but i love them to death.


Heather’s Book Reviews: “Is it possible that the only one holding you back, is you? Christie is learning that just may be the case. Her handsome neighbor Marcus, just happens to be the one teaching her this lesson… It’s short, sweet, and kinda puts you in the mood for Christmas. Seeing that sometimes, its the little things that matter the most.”

I really liked it! 5 of 5 stars!

From Author Warren R.:  “Danica, I read A Christmas Miracle over the holidays and I want to tell you that you nailed it. As the step-father of a now 16-year-old who was born with spina bifida, I’m real familiar with the struggles someone in a wheelchair faces.

Great job!”

From C. Dawes (Wise Woman Shining): “Life changes when you open your heart…no matter what the circumstances.  Discover love with Christie as she learns what she must do to get the joy she deserves…or does she? If you’ve ever doubted yourself in life or love, this is a story for you.”

From Anonymous:”A wonderful story about learning to accept life as it comes! I loved it! I can’t wait to see more from this writer.

From Author Jennifer Alderson:  “Winters’ “A Christmas Miracle” resonates for me for two reasons. One is that it is told in crisp, clear language which seems to do justice to the story to the tale the writer wants to tell. The other, though, is that so many people in my own life have had catastrophes happen in their lives because somebody was drunk and behind the wheel…”

Four Stars!

Published 2011 by: Books To Go Now