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An Angel’s Justice

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An Angel's Justice

Even though Sarah Dawes is only dressed like an angel, acting like a saint isn’t easy. Especially not at her sex toy company’s Halloween party, where hedonistic desire is the name of the game and the Devil is her partner. Playing with dangerous pleasures, she follows him to Hell, where he shows her he is more than the monster society has deemed him, and he offers her a chance to become his queen. Should she stay at his side, where her days will be filled with pain, but her nights with pleasure? Or, should she return to earth and the dream of a man who may or may not even know her last name?

A Sample of Reviews:

From A.M.:

Ms. Winters packs a lot in this short and very enjoyable story. Sexy and humorous, it also makes you think about how we view the devil. To please her boss, Sarah attends the office halloween party he arranged dressed as an angel. Who does she meet on the way inside? The Devil. The very handsome Devil. Thinking he’s just another party guest, she invites him to be her spur of the moment date for the evening. When they both grow weary of the party, Sarah finds herself accompanying the Devil to hell, for just a visit, as his guest only.
The visuals as the reader is taken on a tour of hell and its occupants are well drawn. I especially liked hearing the Devil discuss his job and how he, like all of us, doesn’t want to work 24/7. He seeks companionship and beauty and love too. And when he kisses Sarah for the first time, he’s described as tasting like vodka and smoke. What a great line. I was reminded of Brad Pitt’s character in Meet Joe Black.
This is a fast read with some excellent twists and interesting characters. Steamy, fun and different in the best way.

From J. S.:

“[T]hank you…. for the opportunity to work with such a gifted author, one who has a real talent for telling a juicy, sensual story that nevertheless contains elements of suspense and horror. I have really enjoyed my time with Danica’s writing… [A]nd thank you for the chance to work with real talent. [An Angel’s Justice] made my March. :)”

“An editor’s joy, as I’m sure you know, is working with great authors who produce fabulous writing; I am happy to count [Danica Winters] among these.”

Review by Pam B Morris, author of Smitten Image due out in mid-July:

“Steamy is too tame a word to describe [An Angel’s Justice], an erotic short story by Danica Winters. Fiery is more apt, and in more ways than one. Sarah faces surprising and unexpected possibilities at a masked costume party where she meets a dark, alluring and dangerous Devil. The Devil, who makes love hot enough to make you squirm, only asks for Sarah’s heart. Can his promise of eternal sexual bliss pull Sarah into Hell? The Devil’s Angel is a sassy, sensual, sexy read to die for!

Once again, I would like to thank my readers and friends for your ongoing support. I love bringing my dreams to reality and seeing readers enjoy the world in which I have had the honor of creating. I hope you enjoy the my newest short story, An Angel’s Justice. And please feel free to contact me with your thoughts. I love hearing from fans.

-Danica Winters