Hot Summer News!

I hope you are off to a great summer! Here in Montana, the heat is climbing and breaking long-standing records. I hope wherever you are, you have air conditioning and a steady supply of Mai Tais (or at least a cabana boy named Sven to bring you a cold drink)!

I find myself stuck inside and dreaming of cooler days and maybe a few hotter nights… (With said cabana boy, maybe?) To help you get through these hot days, I have worked together with my publisher to offer a once in a lifetime sale! Together, we have put ALL of my Nymph Series novels into one HOT collection, for one COOL price of only $0.76 for Kindle (or $0.99 for Nook)!!!

The Nymph's Curse

That’s so awesome, I’m beading up with excitement! Holy buckets, Sven, bring me a towel!hot man in towel

OMG, can someone say #HottieMcButterpants!

If you are interested, you can also find The Nymph’s Curse in the following locations:


Barnes and Noble


And all other major retailers

Hope you have a great summer and may you have many hot nights while reading The Nymph’s Curse collection!

-Danica Winters

Thrilled to Announce...

I’m so excited, I can barely contain myself. The time has come, the ink is dry, and I can finally share my secret. I’m proud to announce that I have signed a three book deal with Harlequin Intrigue!

The first book will hit major book distributors in both mass market paperback and e-book, May 2016.


Happy Valentine’s Day!

I would love to send you flowers and chocolate, but that would be an impossible challenge; so instead, as a gift to you, I have lowered the price of the first four books of the Nymph Series to $1.99 for Valentine’s Day: The Nymph’s Labyrinth (also available for a limited time in a $.77 bundle), […]

Top Ten Truths About Being an Author

I am often asked what is like to write a novel. On this journey of the mind and soul, I have learned a variety of often painful and sometimes pleasant lessons. So I decided to share a few of my gems in case you are tempted to think about writing a book or if you […]